Congratulations to (Reader) Dr Tim Jay and all the best for Sheffield!

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Many thanks to Tim Jay, Jo Rose and Ben Simmons for a great seminar on The Everyday Maths Project yesterday – and thanks everyone for coming along. M-besc wishes Dr Tim Jay all the best for his new job (as Reader) at Sheffield University – and we’re also looking forward to carrying on working together on many projects across the internet!

Everyday Maths Project: Preliminary Findings today

29 September, 5pm – 6:30pm in room 4.10.

Dr Tim Jay, Dr Jo Rose and Dr Ben Simmons will be presenting a seminar on the content and preliminary findings of the Everyday Maths project “It’s helping your child experience the world”: How parents can use everyday activities to engage their children’s mathematical learning” on 29 September, 5pm – 6:30pm in room 4.10.