Mbesc welcomes Dr Shelley McKeown

M-Besc is delighted that Dr Shelley McKeown has joined the centre this term. She is going to tell us all about her research in a fascinating seminar “I may not know you but I don’t like you” this Thursday 13 November (12.30pm Room 121, 35 Berkeley Square). Shelley’s work focuses on how social psychological theories, such as social identity theory and intergroup contact theory, can be used to understand and improve intergroup relations. There’s more about this talk on our Events Page.

Myths and Messages: Nature Reviews Neuroscience

I’ve been a bit slow pasting up something about this article “Neuroscience and Education: Myths and Messages” that I authored in NRN 2 weeks ago. It created a lot of social media impact, and due to this NRN have made it free access – you just have to register. It is also featured in Nature’s October podcast (Neuropod). Another unexpected consequence of all the tweets is that The Graduate School of Education is to have an event discussing neuromyths and this is also a chance to discuss the new Neuroscience and Education projects due to start around the UK- including how schools can get involved (see the Sci-napse project for more about the Bristol-Manchester project). More info about this event will follow, but keep 27th November 5.15-17.00 in your diaries!