Welcome to news, resources and information from Mbesc – the network for Mind and Brain in Educational and Social Contexts. This site is for students, teachers and parents interested in how we are combing research in mind, brain and education to improve our understanding of teaching and learning.

For academic information and specialist research papers, please see our official home at the University of Bristol

The network seeks to develop, and to apply, our understanding of learning in educational and social contexts by drawing upon, and extending, concepts and techniques situated in the sciences of mind and brain, and by interrelating this understanding with insights about learning derived from other perspectives.

Educational contexts include pre-school settings, schools, colleges and institutes of higher education. Social contexts include informal settings and the workplace. The centre is also concerned with the optimal coordination of this scientific understanding with teaching and learning practices.

Questions characterising the broad aims of M-BESC include:

  • How should insights neuroscience and psychology be used to inform policy decisions (e.g. curriculum and when to invest)?
  • How can understanding from psychology and neuroscience be used to develop new teaching (e.g. the teaching of early mathematics, the fostering of creativity)?
  • How can understanding from psychology and neuroscience be used to improve student engagement?
  • What opportunities exist for education by combining advances in digital technology with burgeoning insights from the sciences of brain and mind?
  • How does understanding from neuroscience and psychology help us think about learning difficulties, and how can their concepts help support learners with difficulties, their parents and their teachers?