Neuroscience in the Classroom – videos now available

The Wellcome Trust hosted the CEN’s workshop on Friday 17th March, with a broad spread of academics, students, teachers, consultants and individuals from charities and organisations attending.

The video recordings from the above event are now available online.


Homage to Catalonia


Many thanks to everyone who turned out in Barcelona this week for my “Thinking about future challenges of education in Catalonia” debate – and especially to Diego Redolar Ripoll, Anna Carballo and Marta Portero for my welcoming lunch. Also i bumped into an old friend Manuel Brunet (who did his masters with us 2 years ago) and new friend Dr Paola Portilla who is visiting us soon (both pictured).

Greetings from Russia….

Natalia Shemyakina  and Zhanna Nagornova asked me to send greetings to Mbesc when I popped in to see them in St Petersburg this summer, at the IEPhB RAS, Laboratory of comparative ecological and physiological studies. Natalia and Zhanna are using EEG to study creativity and they visited Mbesc a couple of years back to speak about their work. (They also showed me how they study the effects of oxygen deprivation on cognitive function – but i passed on the offer to fully participate in that experiment!)DSC09673

New Unit on Psychophysiological Methods


Pleased to say we have a new unit up and running for next year on psychophysiological methods in educational research. This 10 credit  unit will involve learning how to measure of autonomic and somatic nervous system response (e.g. skin conductance, skin temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate). You’re encouraged to design your own small-scale pilot experiment for the assignment. At the moment, the max number of students we can take on the unit will depend on lab resources….currently being negotiated!!

Embodied Cognition Meeting Edinburgh

Had a fascinating meeting of the Move2Learn project a few days ago. Lots of interesting ideas. I had no idea before I attended how many ways there are of interpreting what we mean by “embodied cognition”!! Picture shows me with Emma Cook who manages the exhibitions at At-Bristol – we had many creative conversations about how understanding about embodiment might be applied in science exhibitions……Move2Learn Edinburgh