Evaluation of a reading intervention scheme

Dr Jo Rose and I, together with colleagues from the AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance), have been conducting an evaluation of a reading intervention programme for Year 2 children in a local authority in the South East of England. This work has focused on outcomes (improvements in children’s literacy skills) and processes (for example, exploring aspects of the programme that children, teachers and parents particularly valued). Key findings suggest that most pupils who received this intervention reached a level of reading which is appropriate for their age as indicated by their reading age scores on a word recognition test, and the number of pupils reaching the national target of Level 2 in reading. The interview data indicate that a principal benefit is the perceived boost this intervention gives to children’s confidence with reading. This is important because confidence and motivation are viewed as the key to accelerated progress. We plan to write two journal articles on this evaluation study during 2013/14.

Dr Anthony Feiler