An audio-recording of Paul Howard-Jones’ seminar today (12 March 2014) ‘Evolutionary perspectives on mind, brain and behaviour’ can be found here:

Paul Howard Jones Seminar 12 March 2014


The slides from Martin Levinson’s presentation today (27 Feb 2014) ‘Drawing outsiders into the education system: privileged and marginalised knowledge in Gypsy communities.’ can be found here:

Bristol seminar Levinson feb 2014


Everyday Maths Presentation (18.11.2013) National Numeracy Presentation (18.11.2013)

The above files are the PowerPoint slides for today’s MBESC/MERN seminar about engaging parents in their children’s maths learning. The presentations were given by Sue Skyryme and Sarah-Jane Gay (National Numeracy) and Tim Jay (Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol).

131025 MBESC Ben Simmons Seminar PMLD

Ben Simmons PMLD presentation

The above files are the audio and powerpoint for Ben Simmons’ seminar on carrying out research with children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. A paper by Ben can also be found at .

Thanks Ben for a really thought-provoking seminar!

High Potential Learners LSYPE Data Analysis Summary

This document presents an analysis of the Longitudinal Survey of Young People in England, focusing on factors which predict Higher Education and Russell Group participation in high-achieving young people. This is part of the High-Potential Learners project, which is investigating decision-making processes of high-achieving young people about their future. The project is particularly focusing on young people who are in schools and colleges where there is a range of attainment in the 6th form and many students do not go on to higher education. Professor Leon Tikly, Dr Jo Rose, and Dr Liz Washbrook are working together on the project. For more information about the project, please contact Dr Jo Rose on

Everyday Maths Questionnaire results July 2013

Everyday maths project – report on focus groups

The Everyday Maths project, run by Dr Tim Jay, Dr Jo Rose, and Dr Ben Simmons, aims to empower parents to support their children’s maths learning. In spring and summer 2013 parents of Year 3 children completed a survey and participated in focus groups, about their confidence in supporting their children’s maths learning and their uses of maths in their everyday lives. During the 2013/14 academic year, the project will run workshops to support parents to consider the maths they use in their everyday lives, and how they might share this with their children. For more information about the project, please contact Dr Ben Simmons on .

zondle presents zondle Team Play – a whole-class gaming app based on research by Paul Howard-Jones and colleagues


Making the Difference 2012

This report presents the findings of a study looking at achievement of different ethnic minorities in Bristol schools. For more information about the project, please contact Jo Rose on



The Impact of Digital Technologies on Human Well-being (2011) – report for the Nominet trust by Paul Howard-Jones


Neuroscience and Technology-enhanced Learning – report for Futurelab (2011)