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Dr Ben Simmons will be presenting “Understanding children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficultuies (PMLD) in research, theory and practice” at our M-BESC event on Friday 25 October at 12.30pm, in room 3.13, 35 Berkeley Square.

This seminar will present work from Ben’s doctoral thesis and forthcoming book, which explores traditional and alternative approaches to thinking about children with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). Children with PMLD are said to experience ‘global developmental delay’ and are described as operating at the earliest, pre-verbal stages of development.  During the seminar Ben will talk about the research landscape as it currently exists for children with PMLD, before exploring the utility of phenomenology as a new lens through which to view the agency and embodied experience of such children. By juxtaposing traditional psychological and novel phenomenological lenses to his doctoral data, Ben will ‘test’ their explanatory power. He will conclude the seminar with reflections about research priorities in the ‘PMLD field’. This promises to be an exciting and thought-provoking seminar, and it will be a great opportunity to hear Ben’s thoughts on a field he is really passionate about. Look forward to seeing you there!

Jo Rose and Paul Howard-Jones

PS Further M-BESC dates for this term include: Thursday 14 November, 2pm, room 4.10, 35 Berkeley Square: Sebastian Lipina “Studying Social Inequality in the Context of the Current Neuroscience Agenda”, Friday 15 November, 10am-4pm, room 4.10, 35 Berkeley Square: Carl Bagley and Andrew Sparkes “Performance in Research Workshop”, Thursday 12 December, 12.30pm, room 3.13 , 35 Berkeley Square: Jo Rose, Liz Washbrook and Leon Tikly “High-Potential Students: Motivations and Aspirations”.

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